These posts/videos helped me through a lot of struggles I faced raising capital and pitching my early-stage startup

General Pitch Advice

“Fundraising Will Take You ~3 Months” (Elad Gil): Elad’s blog in general is spot on and incredibly tactical. You can execute on his advice tomorrow.

“How to Create an Enchanting Pitch” (Guy Kawasaki): I wouldn’t stick too rigidly to the format, but the tips on how to stand apart from all the other 11093890931 pitches that VCs see are spot on.

Market Size + Financials

“Know Your Competitive Landscape and Market Sizing” (Steph Palmeri): 47 minutes of pure gold on how to craft a market size for your pitch

“Startup Killer: the Cost of Customer Acquisition” (David Skok): Every VC, and some angels, are going to ask you how much it costs you to acquire a customer. I spent a lot of long nights buried in this article understanding the nuances of that question.

Vetting a VC

“Due diligence should go both ways” (Ciarán O’Leary): If nothing else, this article reminds you that as the entrepreneur, you are valuable. You should be conducting as much if not more due diligence on VCs as they do to you.


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