Team @ 500 Startups

Say what’s up to my NorCal family!

I’ve decided to move up to the Bay to accept an offer from 500 Startups. That means Chewse flies north for the winter (with Jeff, my co-founder, in tow). For those of you who may gush over celebrities back in Hollywood, consider these guys the stars of the Valley. For a local Angeleno, I have little sentiment for celebs back home. Here, I’m utterly starstruck.

The incubator ecosystem is a relatively new one (for those who don’t know, here’s a high-level overview). If Y-C is the Harvard of incubators, I’ll make the argument that 500 is USC. Some striking similarities include:

  • Being welcomed into the “500 Family,” the phrase posted on almost all USC promotional materials and lovingly referred to as the “Trojan Family”
  • Tapping into an incredibly powerful alumni network (Day 1 had us attend an Alumni Panel and hazing of sorts…)
  • Fratting out (or being a band geek, if you agree with founder Dave McClure’s estimation)
    • Caveat: We actually enjoyed GOOD beer and hard apple cider the first night of pitching. No Nadi Light or Keystone here. Togas seem to be optional.
So what can you expect to hear from me here? Certainly no references to sunshine, sunbathing, or sunlight. Possibly a little startup nerdiness (overuse of vocabulary like “optimizing” and “hustling”). Plenty of good eating. I’ve started a map of places to eat near the offices at 500, as I make my culinary journey down Castro St:

Love to all my LA homies I leave behind. You’ll be tanner than I am in 4 months.


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